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Tips for a more enjoyable holiday

Holidays are wonderful times and there are several things you can do to make them as happy and successful as possible. Scientific studies have given us some fascinating insights into the psychological and physical impacts on going on holiday – and here are some of the tips for getting it just right:

  1. Planning Fun

The happiness experienced about a holiday is for the most part about the planning and anticipation. Those who have a holiday planned are happier than those who don’t, but the major happiness boost comes before the holiday has even taken place. Apparently, when you think about the fun you’re going to have, it’s almost as good as experiencing it for real in the brain but the fun lasts longer in the anticipation. So, book well ahead and spend lots of time enjoying thinking about and discussing what you’re going to get up to.

  1. Quantity of breaks not length of break

The number of breaks we take is far more beneficial than the length of one holiday. Whilst a month abroad sounds amazing, our happiness levels soon return to normal on return. Smaller trips but taken more frequently boost our happiness for longer. Health and well-being boosts peak at around 8 days, so choose to take shorter breaks that consist of a weekend and a working week but maybe take several a year to keep that happiness meter at full capacity.

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  1. 3. Get help with chores

Sometimes travelling with young children can feel like simply moving your chores and responsibilities a little closer to the beach. There will be housekeeping and childcare duties no matter where you are so it’s worth budgeting for a hotel child minder or taking the grandparents with you for a little adult-only down time.

If you’re staying in a villa with family or friends, you could all put some money in to hire cook for a few nights or agree on sharing childcare and cooking responsibilities, so every family member pulls their weight and gets to enjoy some alone time too. Staying in a villa is a more relaxing environment when you’ve got children in tow. For Luxury Villas in Turkey, visit http://kas4villarentals.com/

  1. End on a high

The brain always gives more weight to something that happened last in a series of events. Therefore, to make your holiday memories a little more poignant, you should do treat things on the way home and not on the way out. Treat yourself to a first-class upgrade on the return flight or visit that gourmet restaurant for a romantic meal on the last night of your holiday and not the first.

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  1. Ease back in slowly

It can be tempting to have extra holiday time by not returning home until late on a Sunday night for example. This could leave you with a horrible stressed out, frantic feeling as you try to get laundry and groceries organised in time for Monday if you’re straight back to work and school. Return early on Sunday or a Saturday to give yourself time to adjust in a relaxed way. Plan something fun to do on one evening in the week as a little something to look forward to.

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