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Three ways to build your brand

When using digital marketing techniques, such as a website, social media or email marketing, you need to think about three things to ensure you are getting the most value for your brand.

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1. See yourself through your customers’ eyes

People don’t see you as you see yourself. Consider how you can look at your business through a customer or potential customer’s eyes so that you can understand what will motivate them to become more engaged with and loyal to your brand.

You need to see the reality of how you are perceived to discover how to capitalise on the positive perceptions and build your brand around those strengths.

2. Become the go-to for valuable information

Before someone decides to buy a product or a service, they want information – information about what the product will do for them and information about how other people have found using the service. Provide this information with a content marketing strategy that includes rich media such as films and imagery and build a library of useful information that customers will come back to. This will build trust in your brand and position you as a thought leader and industry expert who cares about solving customers’ problems and meeting their needs.

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3. Know what your customer needs

Often people don’t know what specific product they want to buy, but they know they have a problem to solve and need something to help them. They search for answers to their problems and you need to present your products in a way that explains what values and value they give.

Show that you are a brand that cares about what your customer needs by being quick and responsive to questions fielded on social media. This also shows people you are listening and care about doing everything you can to help them, even if it doesn’t immediately lead to a sale.

Ben Richards, chief strategy officer at brand expert Ogilvy, says brands have to matter across every interaction they have with an audience to maximise growth.

By focusing on these three things, your brand will reach new prospects and maintain a stronger relationship with your existing and potential customers.


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