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Three ways in which venues can attract stag and hen crowds

Stag and hen parties can be a lucrative business for events venues; however, today’s crowds are slightly more discerning than the traditional image of excessive drinking and bad behaviour. They are looking for activities that will entertain the group throughout the day, often followed by something fun to do at night. If you want to attract more business from stags and hens, what can you do to make your venue stand out?

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Put together packages

Often the people who are organising the stag or hen parties don’t have a lot of time to do so. You could attract more people by making it easy for them to put together a range of activities, thereby taking away some of the stress and hassle. You could make set packages available, such as wine tasting, pampering or outdoor activities, or work with the group to create a bespoke package. This should involve everything from liaising with suppliers, such as a rodeo bull distributor, through to taking charge on the day itself.

Do everything

Stags and hens don’t always want to be visiting different venues for their party, especially if they only have one day or night to enjoy the fun. By creating an all-in-one venue that provides daytime activities, in addition to food and drink services and a good evening package, you can keep groups at the venue for longer. This not only makes it easier for them but also boosts your revenue.

Be unique

With the popularity of stag and hen parties, groups are always looking for something different to do. You might want to team up with a local sporting venue and offer stags the chance to play with a famous footballer or you could create a top-end luxury experience, such as installing outdoor hot tubs or leisure facilities. Alternatively, look at working with a ride and rodeo bull distributor, such as GS rodeo bulls. Distributors can bring in attractions such as surf and skateboard simulators, giant games and rodeo bulls to enable you to create an all-inclusive games experience that will appeal to both stags and hens.

Doing your research and investing in this area could bring lucrative rewards. If you can attract more stags and hens, you will make your business more successful and receive referrals and additional bookings.

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