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Three summer lawncare tips

In the summer, many of us will enjoy using our gardens, and particularly our lawns, more than we do throughout the rest of the year. They can take a lot of wear and tear while they let us lie down and relax, fire up a BBQ for friends or play a game, but don’t worry about making the most of your time in the sun, because your lawn will bounce back quickly after the summer is over.

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Here are three tips to help you get your lawn through the summer looking as good as possible.

Mowing know how

Let the grass grow a little longer than normal in the summer and it can help reduce the stress on your lawn. Mower blades can be easily adjusted to a higher setting.

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Feed it up

Keep giving your lawn a top up of feed every three to four weeks during spring and summer, and water it deeply a couple of times a week, and this will help your lawn stay looking as green as possible during the summer.

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If you hit a period of drought and there are restrictions to the amount of water you can use from a hosepipe, it can be helpful to have collected rainwater in water butts over the winter, so that you can use it in emergency situations.

According to the RHS, lawns are resilient and even after periods of drought when they may have turned brown and look dead, they can recover rapidly after rainfall.

Clean out the rubbish

Remove any weeds which will be competition for the grass, by hand if possible or else using a treatment that will control weeds and feed your lawn at the same time.

Moss is a particular problem because it goes black as it dies and can create a thick layer which blocks water and nutrients reaching your grass, which really ruins the look of your lawn. You can rake out patches of moss with a wire head rake and put the rubbish on your compost heap. Do this a couple of weeks after applying any anti-weed or moss treatments.

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