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killer wedding buffet ideas

Three killer wedding buffet ideas for caterers

Wedding buffets are becoming increasingly popular, as they are less formal than the traditional sit-down meal. This means the wedding guests can mingle more, with a buffet also catering for all kinds of culinary tastes.

As a caterer, how do you make sure your wedding buffet has the wow factor and is a happy addition to the bride and groom’s big day? Obviously the couple’s budget and individual tastes need to be kept in mind.

Food that sums up the happy couple

Ask the couple whether they have a particular dish they love to cook or that brings back happy memories. They may have become engaged over fish and chips at the seaside, or perhaps they fell in love over a curry or Chinese. You can then recreate this dish at the centre of your buffet table and print cards explaining why these dishes have been chosen. The couple may love cuisine from a particular country; for example, you could do a Thai buffet with intricately-carved tomatoes, flowers and exotic fruits strewn across the table.

Pick ‘n’ mix wedding platters

Food stations offering different cuisines make an interesting focal point, with each offering either a different course or style of cooking. You could have one station serving Greek or Turkish mezes, for example, while another offers Spanish tapas and a third serves bite-size British classics such as dinky hotdogs, mini burgers or fish and chips in edible paper. Another station could be a popcorn or candyfloss stand. There could be a separate dessert stand with cupcakes featuring edible photos of the bride and groom.

Raise a glass to the bride and groom

Drinks are also an important part of the buffet. Perhaps the bride and groom have a signature drink they love, or you could provide fruity jugs of sangria or Pimm’s when the guests arrive. Colourful shots are also great ice-breakers. Alternatively, you could provide drinks that complement the food; for example, a British buffet could be accompanied by small glasses of real ale, while rioja would work well with a tapas bar.

If you are providing a different kind of buffet, you may need to invest in new commercial catering equipment. This where a company such as 247 catering supplies can help.

With the right equipment and food to savour, you can create a wedding buffet that caters for all guests.

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