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Three considerations when renting a generator

Planning an outdoor event requires so many things to track and account for that you would be forgiven for not immediately thinking about a power generator; however, if you are having a special outdoor event, a power back-up is incredibly useful for running the tools and equipment you need.

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You might be worried about the costs of buying one. Not to worry – hiring one is often much better value. Generator rental is much more cost-effective for short-term needs; however, if you choose to hire a generator, you should be informed to make the right choice for your requirements. To help you hire the right equipment, here are three things you need to consider when renting a generator.

How much power do you need?

Assess your power needs and requirements. Make a list of the tools and equipment that need to be powered by the generator and try to figure out how much power will be required by them. Some equipment might require more power to get started than the wattage of some generators, so know how much power you need to achieve to prevent renting a dud.

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Have you thought about the noise?

How much do you know about noise and nuisance regulations in the UK? Loud noises can spoil the neighbourhood and, in especially bad cases, can even be a criminal act. Most generators are soundproof and work silently, but it is still best to check before the police show up to shut it down.

How long will the generator run?

Part of the question ‘how do I rent a generator?‘ involves working out how long your generator needs to run for. Generators run on fuel, so you will have a choice between petrol and diesel power. While some generators can run for two to four hours, some are powerful enough to last an entire day. Know the running time before you hire one; after all, it is not safe to refill a generator when it is hot and running. You should only add fuel when it has cooled down.

When hiring a generator for the first time, you might be confused or not sure what to do. Just take some ideas from our guide and make sure that you start a dialogue with the staff of the rental company, as they will know the best ways to help.

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