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Things to know about demolition

Demolition is often considered to be the most exciting and rapid part of construction. To complete a demolition, a house could go down and be completely removed from the site within one or two days; to renovate (where most of the structure is maintained) the entire process can be completed within a week.

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  1. Do not try and do it yourself. While it may seem straight forward and cost-effective to do a demolition yourself, it’s actually a bit like surgery. An experienced crew understands what must stay and what to tear down. For more information on Demolition Bristol, visit a site like https://www.davidhortoncontractors.co.uk/demolition/demolition-bristol/
  2. Asbestos is a big problem. Nothing is going to shut down a project faster than asbestos violations, so it’s worth doing your homework.
  3. Do not try and stay in your home during the demolition. There will be dust everywhere. If you are the type of person sensitive to dirt and dust, it is the right time for a trip away.
  4. You will demolish twice what you think you are.

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  1. Listen to people on the site that say “consider these things” as they speak from experience and know what they are talking about.
  2. You’ll spend a decent chunk of contingency budgets on the demolition. A typical project has a 10% contingency budget. There are a lot of variables during demolition, so a proportionate amount will be consumed.
  3. You will be surprised at how many items and materials can be reused or recycled from demolition.

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