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toroidal coils

The use of toroidal coils in electronic circuits

Most of us are familiar with the use of transformers to adjust electrical voltages. They’re used in a wide variety of applications including powering IT equipment and domestic gadgets, and they are also used on a larger scale in industrial and power distribution applications. However, conventional laminated transformer designs can be bulky, heavy and awkward to incorporate in product designs, which is why in modern, sleeker electrical appliances, you’ll often find the transformer in a separate unit attached to the power lead rather than built into the gadget itself.

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Alternative designs

There is a more compact way of achieving the same end in the form of toroidal transformers. These involve having a ring-shaped core, which is usually made of an iron material, with wire coiled around it to create the transformer. This allows the unit to be made smaller by as much as half the size of other types.

A toroidal transformer is more energy efficient than other types and has the added advantage that the wire around the core helps shield the core and prevent its magnetic field from generating electromagnetic interference. This makes it a popular choice for things where interference can cause problems, such as computers. They also generate less of a hum caused by vibration in the windings than other transformer types, which makes them suitable for use in quiet environments like recording studios.

Common applications

Toroidal designs are available from places such as http://sigatransformers.co.uk/.in a range of standard designs and can be custom made to meet specific requirements. They are most often used in electronic products as a means of stepping down the voltage to power particular circuits.

This means they have a wide range of uses in computing, telecommunications, medical equipment, cars, signalling systems for railways, and industrial controls. In many cases, it is critical that equipment in these applications works reliably for safety reasons. Therefore, the transformers used have to be built to a high standard to ensure reliable operation.

They also have uses in the renewable energy industry to convert the power produced into a more usable format. Smaller versions are used in audio systems to match microphones to amplifiers or ensure that duplex conversations can be carried out of communications circuits. You’ll also find transformers in the home, powering toys, home entertainment equipment and much more.

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