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The life of a Locum. How do they do it?

It’s a nomadic existence being a Locum. A Locum is the person that is jetted in, sometimes at short notice to plug the gap somewhere. Locum’s usually work in the world of medical and pharmaceutical care. Therefore, one of the things they need is to have Locum Insurance to cover any issues or accusations of malpractice.

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Locums have to think on their feet, they go where the need is greatest. They could be in a hospital in Swindon one week then a drive to Gosport the next. Either way each one deals with it differently. Some have a permanent base and work within a certain mileage, others make use of the many cheap hotel options and take the opportunity to travel.

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One Locum said that they liked to get to where they were working a day early and get settled in by making introductions. It was also a good way of getting to know the area plus you looked keen to the current employers. Whilst the job is the same, the people are always different. Being a Locum certainly carries quite a few advantages and you do have to have some special qualities and strengths to make it work.

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