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The charming tale of the Tailor of Gloucester.

One of Beatrix Potter’s best known tales is that of the Tailor of Gloucester. As with most of her tales it features brave and mischievous animals coming together and doing the right thing.  Potter herself published the book in 1902. Despite being devoted to the Lake District and the county of Cumbria she stepped out of the county to tell of these incredible mice. She was inspired by the experiences of a poor tailor in Gloucester where her sister lived. It’s also no surprise that she set  it in Gloucester and Gloucestershire as it is a beautiful county. Just look at the Park Homes Gloucestershire has to offer at http://www.parkhomelife.com/our-parks/orchard-park-homes-gloucester-gloucstershire/ to see what we mean.

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The plot of the tale centres around a poor tailor who sends out his cat called Simpkin to buy some food and get some twist. He needs the twist to complete the job of his life, a waistcoat for the Mayor of Gloucester to wear on Christmas day at the Cathedral. If it goes well he will be set for life.

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When Simpkin is gone the Tailor finds mice imprisoned under teacups. He releases them, realising they were caught by Simpkin. The Cat is angry and gives the food but hides the twist. The Tailor becomes ill and cannot finish the waist coat. The mice complete it for him as thanks and Simpkin sees the error of his ways and gives him the twist. The Tailor becomes rich.

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