The Best A Kitchen Can Get

The Best A Kitchen Can Get

In an age where television is dominated by cookery programmes, we are becoming somewhat obsessed with our culinary skills, and indeed with our kitchens. From Come Dine with me to Masterchef, the Great British Bake Off to Kitchen Nightmares, our psyche is bombarded with kitchens. Dinner parties, once reserved for the middle aged and the middle class are now all the rage with hippies, home makers and hipsters alike.

The Best A Kitchen Can Get

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Is it any wonder then, that the Telegraph  have recently revealed that we walk an astonishing 61 miles around our kitchens every year? This is equal to walking from Oxford to London. And if you work in a kitchen as well? We can only imagine how many miles we would end up walking.  No wonder so many commercial kitchens are kitted out with Air conditioning units like those supplied by
Suddenly, the importance of having a kitchen that you are happy with both at home and at work is becoming clear. Kitchens, like clothes and furniture tend to follow distinct fashions and trends. This year according to Forbes,  it’s all about mimicking the look of your furniture and pairing it with open space and eye catching wallpaper to create a modern yet traditional style. But what of the appliances? After all a kitchen is ultimately a room for functionality and food.


If you’re having a whole new kitchen, you will probably want to go for a built in oven for maximum style and integrity. Of course, you’ll want the most up to date, modern methods of cooking, a large capacity and a way of making sure your food is ready in record time. Then you’ll want a convection oven. And of course, who needs the hassle of cleaning to add to the time you spend in the kitchen? So why not go for one with a self-clean function such as the Siemens HB13NB621?

Fridge freezer

Fridge Freezers are perhaps the most essential piece of equipment in any commercial premises. Let’s face it, if they are not working properly you really could put the health of your customers and staff at risk. That’s why we’ve hunted down the True T49F Double Door Upright Freezer. Made with stainless steel and aluminium and supplied with a five year warranty, you and your customers will have the ultimate peace of mind.


A microwave is essential for any commercial premises of any size. Even if you don’t use it during your day to day business, your staff will greatly appreciate it if you provide one. This makes a microwave a key part of any commercial kitchen. If you are integrating your oven, you may wish to do the same with the microwave. A great quality microwave will last for years and despite being high tech, you shouldn’t experience any difficulties with it. The Siemens IQ-700 HB86P275B is a built in microwave with a 42 litre capacity and five power levels, ideal for repeated and commercial use.