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The Benefits of Doing a Loft Clearout

Hands up if you still have boxes in your loft that came with you from your last home and still haven’t been opened? You are not alone. Does your loft become the final resting place for seldom-used appliances, old toys and neglected sports equipment? It’s a common story. However, there are some clear benefits that having a loft clearout can bring, and just before the festive season is an ideal time.

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Old Sentiments

Getting those old boxes out can provide a bit of nostalgia. It can sometimes unearth something that you thought you had lost or even totally forgotten about! You never know, you could unearth an old toy that is now worth quite a bit of money. Or perhaps there is something in there that could be a special Christmas present. But clearing out your lot can offer more than mere sentiment.

Warm Your Home

If your loft is full of stuff, you may not have thought about properly insulating it. It may seem too daunting a task. But if you consider that an average home in the UK loses up to 25% of its heat through the loft space, you may have second thoughts. The expensive festive season is on its way, and saving money becomes a priority. If you could save on your heating bills, imagine how many more mince pies you could have.

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Start Those New Year’s Resolutions

“Get organised” is often top of the resolutions list. If you start to clear your loft before Christmas, you are giving yourself a head start. Depending upon the size of your loft space, you may be overlooking the value of that storage space. Hire a skip, throw out the junk stand back and consider what you could do with the space. Could it be converted into an additional bedroom? Could you organise it to create a valuable storage space for seasonal items or even a temporary room for an office or music practice? If you need skip hire in Swansea, check out Pendragon Carmarthenshire for their range of skip services.

Simply getting rid of the junk could help clear your mind, improve your mood and enhance your motivation. Just think of all that extra storage space where you can easily put your Christmas decorations in the New Year.

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