Ten Packing Tips for Moving House

Ten Packing Tips for Moving House

You’ve found your dream home and you’re excited to begin your life there. With all the excitement it’s easy to forget about packing up your things and moving.

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Research has shown that moving house can be one of the most stressful life events. To make your move as easy as possible, here are some great tips.

Get Supplies

Remember to source cardboard boxes early. You can save boxes from deliveries and go to your local supermarket and ask for some. Get a variety of sizes and remember wardrobe boxes. You’ll also need bubble wrap, tape, newspaper, labels and a marker.

Pack Early

Don’t leave packing until the last minute. Start a month early for smaller houses to ensure you have everything ready.

Consider Your Needs

There’s no point in packing up your kitchen, as you’ll need items until your moving day. Start with rooms you don’t use much, such as the guest bedroom. Pack seasonal items like Christmas trees too.

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Pack One Room at a Time

Many people forget this, but it makes sense. If you remain organised, you’ll be able to tell the movers where each box is going. If you’re concerned about using movers, consider hiring a vehicle. Companies such as https://www.fleetwayrentals.co.uk/ offer van hire in Gloucester and the surrounding areas.


Consider which items you want to take with you and get rid of the others. Take them to a charity shop or have a garage sale.

Fill the Gaps

Protect your items by using rags or newspaper to fill the gaps. It will keep them secure during the move.

Label the Boxes

It’s something most people do and for good reason. Boxes can be heavy and you’ll want to move them quickly. Label each box with the room it’s meant to go in.

Put Heavier Boxes on the Bottom

It’s a matter of common sense and most people know to do it. However, it’s still worth mentioning, as heavy boxes might damage lighter boxes if they’re put on top of them.

Deal With Hazardous Materials

Hazardous materials include batteries, paint, asbestos and cleaning products containing bleach. Place each item in a different box and make sure they’re secure and sealed. If you need to dispose of materials, remember moving companies rarely transport them.