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Take an epic journey this year

Have you ever wished you could get away from it all and embark on a long and exciting train journey into unknown territory? An old fashioned style train journey is often depicted as a romantic experience and has all the joy of travel without arriving anywhere too quickly. They do say that the fun is in the getting there and these days people tend to travel so quickly that they miss the sights and sounds along the way. If you love the thought of an epic journey then you might consider traveling on the longest train journey in the world.

The longest train journey starts in Moscow and ends in Vladivostok on the Trans-Siberian railway. The journey crosses several different time zones and takes in the beauty of the Ural mountains and Lake Baikal which is the biggest freshwater lake on Earth. It will take six days and cover 5,753 miles. The price seems quite high for a train ticket at £500 but when you consider the distance and time involved, maybe it’s reasonable after all. Another epic trip is on the Trans-Mongolian railway which will take you from Moscow to Beijing. This is a distance of 4,862 miles.

Take an epic journey this year

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If you happen to find yourself in China then you could embark on the Shanghai to Lhasa journey. This trip will take you through the heart of the country before rising into the mountains and then reaching the Tibetan plateau. This is surely a once in a lifetime opportunity and you’ll see Cuona Lake, the ice glacier at Tangula Mountain and be able to say that you’ve travelled on the highest train line in the world! The journey takes almost 48 hours and covers 2,717 miles. The train engines will be working flat out and that is why they are fitted with materials built to withstand a lot of work and extreme temperatures. For Silicone hose manufacturers, visit https://goodflexrubber.com/.

Take an epic journey this year2

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For the most scenic train journey across the United States, try the California Zephyr, running from San Francisco to Chicago. This is one of the longest train journeys you can take in America and follows the path of the early pioneers along the Colorado River, the Rockies and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. It takes 51 hours and covers 2,438 miles but makes various stops if you fancy jumping off to explore. It calls at Sacramento, Reno, Salt Lake City and Denver on its way.

What better way to see Australia than from the comfort of a train? For four days and three nights follow the longest stretch of railway track in the world from Sydney to Perth. The journey covers the width of the country, through barren lands and then the forests and waterfalls of the Blue Mountains. The journey takes 65 hours and traverses 2,704 miles but this voyage on the Indian Pacific would be an amazing experience.

The longest train ride in Europe takes passengers from Paris to Russia in two days. This is a holiday in itself as it takes in some pretty impressive European cities en route. It calls at Brussels, Cologne, Berlin, Warsaw and Minsk on the way. The journey covers 1,998 miles and offers some fascinating scenery along the way.

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