So your boiler is making strange noises?

So your boiler is making strange noises?

Unusual noises coming from your boiler is one of a group of key indicators that it may be faulty. If your boiler is usually quiet but suddenly begins making clunking, banging or knocking noises, it is time to call in an engineer. Such noises are often a sign that air has leaked into the system; however, they can also be caused by pump failure, a drop in water pressure or an excessive build-up of limescale.

So your boiler is making strange noises

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As with most things in life, prevention is better than cure. Having your boiler serviced and maintained on a regular basis will ensure it is in optimum working order and could save you the cost of an emergency repair further down the road, as any minor problems or issues will be identified and fixed before they have a chance to become more serious. The sooner you act, the less likely you are to be faced with a large bill.


If your central heating system is usually switched off during the whole of the summer, it is a good idea to test it before the weather starts to turn cold. This can avoid a breakdown in the middle of winter − the time when you really need to have everything working properly to keep your home warm and cosy. Simply switch on your system and run it for around 15 minutes every couple of months.

Even if your boiler has been working perfectly for some time, it is a good idea to find a good, local firm that can carry out regular servicing and take care of everything from boiler repair in Brighton to hot water hassles in Hove and beyond. In addition to annual maintenance programmes, the best companies will have rapid response times so you can be confident that you won’t be waiting around forever in an emergency situation. Whether dealing with broken boilers in Brighton or solar power on the outskirts of Sussex, look for a company that offers the highest standards of workmanship possible.


Regular servicing will not only extend the working life of your boiler but will also ensure it is as energy efficient as possible, helping to keep your utility bills low and ensuring that any household insurance that includes boiler cover is always fully valid. Regular maintenance is usually part of the terms and conditions of such cover.