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Six Steps to a Clean and Tidy Office

Are you swamped by paperwork in your office? Do you have to tidy up before you start work in the morning? Maybe you need to have a spring clean once a year. Having said that, it is good practice to build up a workable routine so that you are always efficient and tidy and don’t have to deal with a major spring clean in the future.

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Here are six tips to help you on your way to a more efficient way of working:

1) Paperwork and Filing

The paperless office has not yet arrived! The best way to deal with letters and documents is to make decisions as soon as possible after they arrive on your desk. It is all too easy to delay decisions and accumulate an overflowing in-tray. Some paperwork is not needed and can be filed straight in the bin or recycling. Other documents may need to be organised in a filing cabinet or drawers.

2) Professional cleaning contractors

You will of course have to consider how communal areas such as staff rooms and reception areas are dealt with. Office cleaning in Cheltenham, if you are in the Cotswolds region, can be dealt with by http://intocleaning.co.uk/services/office-cleaning/.

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3) Keep It Strictly Business

Keep your personal mobile away from your office desk. Social media should not be a distraction, even if it is company policy to not access personal accounts during working hours.

4) Consider the storage you have available around your desk area, and make sure it is adequate for your needs. Use simple storage such as pen holders and drawers. Don’t clutter your desk. For more information and resources on the links between cleanliness, tidiness and efficiency in business, take a look at https://www.mindtools.com/pages/article/being-effective.htm.

5) Computer Clean-up

Your desktop computer or laptop could be as untidy as your paperwork, and it needs the same regular treatment. Read and file your emails, and delete them regularly. Reply to the crucial ones as soon as you can. Make sure you file attachments and other documents with a folder system which is as organised as your paper storage. Save your favourite websites and keep them in folders.

6) Time Management

However busy you are, time management is the key. You know your own best methods, whether they involve to-do lists or an electronic diary.

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