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Should you choose a historic venue?

These days couples can get married in almost any place imaginable but many choose to tie the knot in a classic historic location. What is the attraction? Is it the beauty of the surroundings that make for wonderful wedding photographs? Is it a desire for a grand sense of occasion? Whatever the reason, the UK is home to many hundreds of historic houses and castles that open their doors for wedding celebrations and here’s why we love them:


Most people only intend to get married once and as such they want their day to be as special as possible. We are constantly shown images of celebrity weddings and the media sets the standard in many respects so there is now more of a focus on style than in years gone by. With everyone dressed in their very best, you want to be somewhere glamourous and not just stood outside the pub in your local high street! Weddings are expensive events and you want something to show for that investment. What better than a grand historic building to provide a sense of style on your big day?  Before you confirm on the venurone thing to double check is the condition of the roof as older building that are centuries old do struggle sometimes with more unusual weather.  The last thing you want is heavy rain coming through to your evening doo.  Ask them to call a Roofer Gloucester company which can be found at sites like http://gloucester-roofer.co.uk/


Hiring a photographer is a further expense for photos that need to last a lifetime. Historic buildings are often surrounded by well-kept, beautiful gardens, woodland or streams in rural locations, providing the ideal backdrop for romantic, magical photos of the occasion. The bride will probably be wearing the most expensive and stunning dress she will ever wear and only a breath-taking location will suffice for the setting of these memorable photographs.

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For such an important life event, you may want to represent this by getting married somewhere that provides a sense of occasion. Most heritage sites in the UK were buildings of significance in the past, where important things happened. By selecting such a place, you are giving weight to the proceedings and recognising the importance and significance of the commitment you are making to your partner.


Whether you choose to marry in a church or registry office and move to a reception venue or you choose to marry in a licensed building and have your day celebrated in one place, historic buildings offer a sense of tradition. For those couples who aren’t religious, marrying in a grand old country house can offer the sense of tradition that church weddings have always offered in the past. It is still possible to feel that you’ve had a traditional wedding without the religious overtones that many people don’t relate to these days.

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A big selling point for historic venues is that can offer the whole wedding package, making it easier and more convenient for the entire wedding party to relax and celebrate in one location. If the property is licensed then the ceremony can take place there, meaning guests don’t have to transport themselves to another location afterwards. It’s easier for the party to stick together and most venues will also have accommodation so people travelling any distance to attend don’t need to dash off and miss anything.

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