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Should Dogs Wear Clothes?

With winter fast approaching, you might be thinking about stocking up your dog’s wardrobe. As we go in search of our winter raincoats and jumpers form the back of the closet, should we spend some time checking out the latest haute couture for our canine companion? Here are some truths and some not-so-truths about dogs and their need for clothing:

  1. Not True – All dogs need coats for protection from cold weather

No, not all dogs need a jumper or coat to keep them warm when heading outside in winter. Dogs have fur that do a pretty good job of keeping them cosy. However, some shorter-haired or very small breeds do get cold quickly. Also, older dogs and those with medical problems might benefit from a little extra padding when it’s bitterly cold out. Ideally, you want a coat that covers the belly, back and neck areas.

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  1. Not True – Any dog will get used to a coat

The truth is that some pooches will never like the feel of a coat and should not be made to wear one if uncomfortable or stressed. Try one out in the house for short periods of time to see how it goes. If they really don’t like it or freeze in one spot, it’s best to forget the idea. Stick to keeping them looking good in stylish Dog Collars and Leads from https://iwoof.com/

  1. Not True – Big dogs don’t need a coat or jumper

While some bigger dogs do have a denser coat, such as a Husky for example, you can’t say that no big dog wouldn’t benefit from a coat in extreme cold. Every dog is an individual and you know your pet best. Greyhounds, for example, are particularly susceptible to the cold and would benefit from some additional layers.

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  1. Untrue – A coat on a dog should fit as tight as possible to keep them warm

You should always think about your dog’s mobility. Remember how you feel when constrained by too heavy or too tight clothing? Nothing should make your pooch feel uncomfortable. Snug is ok but tight is not. Try to find a coat that has no hanging bits, zips or anything else that might rub and irritate your dog.

  1. Fiction – A coat or jumper must look heavy to provide protection

Heaviness is no longer an indication of quality or warmth. Just as technology has evolved in the material for human’s outerwear, the same is true for dogs’ clothing. Do some research and search for the best thin but insulated materials. Heavy is not always a good idea as if a dog gets too warm, it can overheat.

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