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Retro flooring: Three classic choices

If you say “retro” to someone, they might think “outdated” or maybe “kitsch”, but if you call it “vintage” or “classic”, the same thing suddenly becomes desirable. Whilst modern is very popular at the moment when it comes to home décor, vintage/retro/classic is also very much in style.

Retro flooring

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Classic, by its very nature, will not date. It is made of simple, timeless materials and will generally be neutral in colour. It provides the perfect base for adding creative flair to a room.


Limestone is a terrific choice for floors because the muted tones lend themselves to any decor. It wears well and comes in a range of colours.

If you are looking to create the ultimate luxurious statement in your home, look no further than polished marble. The shine makes a bold statement immediately, making it the perfect choice for an entrance hall. Beware of the associated costs, however; it doesn’t come cheap.

Check out your local architectural salvage yard, where you might be able to pick up some beautiful stone flooring at a greatly reduced price.


Wood can be a reassuring covering for your floor. Much warmer than stone, it comes in many colours and tones and will adapt as the home is lived in. Wood floors give you a definite texture that polished stone lacks.

Oak and maple have been used for many centuries in flooring and can finish a period room perfectly. Keep it stripped to reveal the true beauty of the grain. If you’d prefer a more modern appearance, you can paint the boards white for a crisp, clean finish.


It is not usually the first material that comes to mind when thinking about flooring, but porcelain is a low-maintenance, credible option and is available in a huge number of colours, patterns and sizes. Traditionally, porcelain floors were found in bathrooms, but nowadays it is just as likely to be found in other parts of the home, including high-traffic areas.

There is lots of inspiration online for decorating your home and furnishing it. Sites such as http://www.periodhomesni.com/products/architectural-antiques.html and others are full of ideas.

For more ideas about choosing the right flooring for your home, visit websites like Classic Flooring or Home Flooring Pros for specific ideas about your kitchen.

Ultimately, your home is your space and should reflect your personality.

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