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Repair and Replace for Added Security

You may think that your home is safe and that you pay attention to safety. However, there are always times when a lapse in concentration or a delay to a repair project means our homes not being quite as burglar-safe as we like to think. There are some important areas of our home that we should not ignore because they may be just an invitation to a very unwelcome guest.

Side Gates

Property weakness areas include side and rear gates where a thief can sneak through and may not be seen. Homes that back onto alleys or fields can also be vulnerable so you might want to consider some form of fencing or security measures for extra peace of mind. Motion-activated lights are another great deterrent as no one wants to be in the spotlight when up to no good! Security alarm signs, whether real or fake, will also put thieves off. After all, they do not know the cameras are not really watching them!

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Most opportunistic thieves do not even have to work very hard. They often go directly to the property through open windows and garage doors! If you want to keep the window open in the nice weather, then think about locking the screen. Make sure that your garage door is sturdy and has a good locking mechanism. A weak door can be forced to gain entry and if your garage door is old or in disrepair then it is even more vulnerable to someone attempting to gain access. For Garage Doors Swindon, visit a site like Up and Over, a supplier of Garage Doors Swindon.


The windows are often overlooked by homeowners as we tend to focus on whether the doors are locked. Even if we remember to close them before going out or going to bed, do we lock them? Old houses also tend to have weaker window frames that makes it easier for a thief to break in. It is important to repair or replace damaged frames. If that is not possible then invest in improving the lock that can be clearly seen from the outside to deter would-be thieves.

Front door

You would be amazed to learn just how many thieves are able to walk right into a property through the front door! If there are hedges, trees or large potted plants near the house, you can create a handy shelter for thieves to lurk in. When your door is not quite visible from the road, then add some additional lighting, paint the door a bright colour and put a sticker or security signs on with dogs and alarm system warnings. All of this may be just enough to make them think twice before interfering with your property after all!

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French doors

All that glass does represent a weakness. It can be surprisingly quiet to destroy one small pane of glass in a set of French doors and reach inside to unlock it. Some older sliding doors can even be opened with a screwdriver! The solution to the sliding door is to place a metal pole into the track so that the door cannot be opened even if the lock is broken.

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