Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Reduce Wedding Planning Stress

Are you in the middle of planning you wedding? If so, read on.

Getting married is a particularly stressful event and even the calmest of brides will shed the occasional tear of frustration. However, if planning your big day is taking its toll, look after your mental health by following the tips below.

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A wedding takes a lot of planning and it is essential to get organised. The myriad of jobs which all need your attention can begin to feel overwhelming. Apart for delegating tasks, alternating between fun and less interesting jobs can help break up the monotony. Set little goals and deadlines, and reward yourself when you achieve them.  Maybe think about the pre wedding as well as the day.  Keep things fun, like the organisation of the traditional stag and hen parties.  You can utilise companies that provide portable bars such as if you are looking for a special event or perhaps a marquee based wedding reception. These are often used by large venues in order to offer an alternative to the standard wedding reception feel.


Getting enough sleep is essential for both physical and emotional wellbeing. Therefore, try really hard to stop thinking about anything wedding related well before bedtime so you don’t end up lying awake worrying about stationery and seating plans. Instead, listen to some relaxing music, read a book or take a soothing bubble bath.


Both the body and mind benefit from exercise. A good workout will reduce stress and increase physical health, leaving you stronger to cope with anything life throws at you. So make time for some regular activity, such as dog walking, running or swimming and you will reap the rewards.

Keep talking

If you are struggling to hold everything together, feeling stressed or depressed, one of the most helpful things you can do is talk about how you are feeling. Opening up to a friend or relative can make a huge difference.

Time out

If you find yourself talking only about the wedding for weeks on end, things can begin to get a little strained. It is a really good idea to allocate set times each day for wedding planning and then avoid thinking about it outside these times. Having a life outside planning your wedding is important – think how lost you will be once everything is over if you don’t!

Constantly looking forward to the future is easy to do, especially when organising a big event. However, it is all too easy to miss those important moments in the here and now. Appreciating the moment will increase positivity. Savour precious memories and stop letting life pass you by. Set aside a period of time each day for mindfulness – sit quietly, take calm, deep breaths and just listen to the world around you.

Second opinions

Sometimes making decisions about your day can be difficult. There is nothing wrong with asking a friend what they think. While they may not give you the answer you are looking for, seeking an alternative opinion can enable you to see things from a completely new perspective, which in turn might resolve your dilemma. Seeking advice from wedding professionals can be helpful too, for example this wedding photographer in Hampshire at

Look beyond the day

Sometimes people forget that the most important aspect of getting married is the marriage itself. That is the weeks, months and years afterwards. Too many couples get so involved in the wedding planning that they find the anticlimax post-event plunges them into a depression. Remember why you originally decided to create a union.