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Record Breaking Rooftops

It might seem difficult to believe but there are indeed world records for things to do with roofing! There are many talented people who make it into the world-renowned Guinness Book of World Records and the following are just a taste of the interesting record-breaking roofing themed actions that have occurred around the world:

Most roofing tiles to be smashed – The current record for most broken roof tiles with a single punch is owned by a young Italian man from Milan. What makes this even more unique is that he was balancing on a balance board at the time! Have you checked your own roof recently for any broken tiles? If you have roofing issues, contact Essex Roofers at a site like https://www.supremeoroofing.com/roofers-essex/

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Largest Flat Roof Span – Back in July 2009 in Jaipur, India, a company called N.M. Roof Designers Ltd. designed and built the world’s largest cement reinforced concrete flat roof. It can be found in the Satsang Hall of the Govind Devji Temple. The roof has an impressive span of 119 feet.

Cantilever roofs – The Busan Cinema Centre in South Korea offers the world’s longest cantilever roof. It is over 278 feet long when extended. The large surface area of the roof of the cinema is 196 ft x 535 ft and the 9531-meter squared ceiling contains an impressive 42,600 LED lights. Designed by an Austrian company, it was installed in March 2011. The cinema complex has two steel roofs, the largest has a cantilevered portion and weighs more than 6 tons. The project cost 162.4 billion Korean Won and the cinema can hold more than 6,000 guests.

Largest Ouija Board on a roof – If you ask yourself why, then, well, why not? On the roof of a former hotel, the world record was broken for the largest Ouija board that measured 30 x 44 feet. In October 2016, the roof of Windber Grand Midway Hotel was transformed into a portal to the underworld after the owners tried to create a spooky atmosphere after its purchase of the former hotel in 2001.

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Smashing tiles – The current record for the number of shattered tiles is held by a British woman, Lisa Dennis. Lisa is an expert in Tae Kwon Do and chopped 923 tiles in two in just one minute. The method she engaged destroyed two stacks of 10 tiles at the same time. Just do not let her climb up onto your roof!

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