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Reasons why you need a lap tray in your life

The ubiquitous laptop is an intrinsic part of our everyday life, whether for personal use or work. Whatever the reason, we spend more of our day glued to our screens, often in awkward positions for hours at a time with consequent health implications.

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Much research and design work over the years has gone into the ergonomics of the optimum desk-chair combination to mitigate health issues and optimise efficiency. Indeed, some large organisations time you out of your computer access in order to ensure that you are made to take a break at the appropriate time. Whilst a bit ‘Big Brother’ for normal use, the fact remains that far too many of us spend hours not moving and hunched over machines, straining both the operator and the equipment unnecessarily.

The new breed of laptop accessory includes the lap tray – not the floral tea tray for your afternoon cuppa but a highly designed tailor-made lap tray personalised for your laptop and made with the machine and you in mind. When considering your lap tray investment, take a look at the key features to consider to make sure it works for your particular use and issues.

As well as being lightweight and portable, other features include storage for power cables and work, integrated speakers, finishes from the funky to the austere, cup holders and a locking mechanism for when you have found that perfect position. There are a number of providers of tailor-made accessories with great designs such as https://personalisedlaptrays.co.uk.

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Laptop Issues

Laptops are increasingly sophisticated intrinsic extensions of ourselves, but they get abused in many ways. Ventilation and cooling are essential for good performance and longevity, but a make-shift support or just your lap can work to the opposite effect. When not in operation, laptops tend to get dumped just anywhere rather than having a ‘home’, which can expose them to further harm such as water in in the kitchen.

Operator Issues

Hours of laptop use bring about many health issues – eye strain, poor posture, spinal wear and tear and pain in the wrist, neck and shoulders. These, in turn, reduce operator efficiency and comfort, ultimately making you less productive.

Although not an instant fix, a laptop tray specifically for you will increase your comfort whether you use it in bed or actually on a desk – definitely the new must-have accessory.

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