Real Fairy Tale Homes

Home is where the heart is and most of us would love to live in a quirky, fairy tale home. Some people around the world are lucky enough to live in some of the most unusual fairy tale homes where the ideal conditions for a magical setting are in place. It would need to be in a rural setting, preferably in the middle of a forest with the feeling that witches, elves or wolves lay in hiding behind every tree!

Some of the most fairy tale homes are based on historical styles while others feature fantastic designs found only in their creators’ imaginations. However, even the ones with realistic architectural elements still stand with one foot in reality and the other in a fairy tale. Strange curves, ornate decoration and stone pathways are features among these fairy tale homes. Here are some of the best from around the world:

Hobbit House, Wales

Simon Dale became disillusioned with paying large mortgage payments, so decided to build his own family home armed only with a chisel, a hammer and a chainsaw. He carved out his own family home into a hillside in Wales and the result was a wonderful wooden eco-home. Constructed in only 4 months, the home only cost £3000 to complete. It would look quite at ease alongside the actual hobbit houses in The Lord of the Rings.

Three Storey Treehouse, Canada

The enchanting forest sets the scene here and you feel like you are entering a very special, magical place as you climb the twisty staircases to the top of the fairy tale multi-level structure. Complete with bunk beds, you could really picture Goldilocks and the three bears living here. This is the tallest treehouse in British Colombia, Canada and stands at 47 feet with 64 steps to the top floor. It is 3 separate houses with the highest landing open to the public being at 37 feet. There is a private one at 45 feet. For timber frame construction company, visit

Rustic Way Whimsical House, Minnesota

There is a company in Minnesota that specializes in building whimsical tiny structures out of reclaimed wood. The company is called Rustic Way and they now build a variety of structures from small play houses to a large guest house. The buildings are all custom-made to each client’s unique fairy tale desires. They work very closely with each customer to achieve a final result that is a perfect match for the client’s needs. This home looks straight out of a storybook.

Real Fairy Tale Homes

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Abandoned Wooden House, Russia

This is the most stunning wooden home and was found abandoned with the furniture still inside. This fantasy house lies abandoned in the village of Ostashevo in the Chuhlomskoy district of Kostroma oblast. The building is a quaint, old two-storey house with a tower and beautiful original carved decoration. The house was probably built by industrialist Markov at the end of the 19th century. It would have been his suburban villa or ‘dacha’. According to another version, St. Petersburg contractor M.S. Sazonov built this house for his second wife. Nobody seems to know for sure but it’s an incredibly beautiful home sitting alone in a dark forest! The ultimate fairy tale home.

Real Fairy Tale Homes2

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