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Need ideas for Kitchen Storage? Here are Six Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Even for the celebrated chef or the diehard kitchen fanatic, the amount of shelving options out there can be daunting. In this article we take a look at the variety on offer, what works well and what doesn’t.

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Keep it tidy

One of the key elements to consider when planning kitchen shelving is organisation. Open shelving – check out Ireland shelving, for example – may well seem like the perfect choice for an avid cook who wants quick and easy access to ingredients or for those who want to display special items; however, open shelving can become untidy if you don’t take time to keep items in check.

Wood you or wood you not?

Reclaimed wood is an excellent shelving choice whether you are shopping for shelving Ireland based or shelving in Ilkley; it adds instant character in any rustic style kitchen. Develop your theme further at https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/decorate/kitchen/a2466/country-kitchen-style-2018/.

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Dress it up

No room for a dresser? Speak to the experts for their advice. A wall mounted top section can give the impression of a dresser and can provide the perfect place to display your prize crockery.

Get creative

Think outside the box and remember that shelves don’t have to be totally practical; add high shelves and display some artwork and vases… maybe your Kitchen needs a complete revamp and a repaint? Hiring Painters Cheltenham way like those at http://jsdecorating.co.uk/, or one local to you can save you a lot of time with your Kitchen make – over.

Brighten up a kitchen corner

Never underestimate a kitchen corner; give it some love and you’ll uncover an area that offers a great place for display.

Go bespoke

Utilise a whole wall with a bespoke design which combines both open and closed shelves; that way you can mix up your kitchen look with display items as well as hiding away everyday items.

Your call

Shelves are a fantastic edition to any kitchen, whether you go for the fixed ones or a standalone storage unit. And the great thing about both is that they can be customised to suit both your taste and your décor. What’s more, shelving can be used in every single room in the house. Traditionally used to house and display books, shelving units have come a long way since those days, so embrace their versatility and use them to display other household items too. And don’t forget that they can be used even in spaces that you wouldn’t traditionally think they could, for example, in-between two windows or in a quirky corner.

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