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March 2018 property sales in Gloucestershire range from £70,000 to £950,000

Gloucestershire is one of the most desirable places in the country to live, as demonstrated by some of the property on offer. However, there is a huge contrast here, with some properties selling for upwards of £900,000 while others cost less than £100,000. Here is a look at current trends in this market and how it compares to the situation in the rest of the UK.

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According to the Independent, the number of house sales in April 2018 fell as house prices rose. However, house prices in London and the South East are falling. It is not yet totally clear what this means for the rest of the country, where some of the highest-ever asking prices were recorded in April 2018.

Properties in Gloucestershire

It is not surprising that the ten most expensive properties in Gloucestershire during the month of March 2018 all sold for more than £500,000. Almost all were detached houses in Cotswold villages or towns such as Cheltenham, with the exception of a terraced house in Cheltenham that sold for £715,000. This shows the desirability of properties in this price range in the area. However, terraced houses in places such as Gloucester were sold for between £82,000 and £103,000 in the same period. The problem with this market may be in the middle of the range and those people who are looking to move up the property ladder. Prices for the next property up from a terraced house may still be out of reach for many.

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The UK property market

The picture in the rest of the UK is one of contrasts. The most expensive properties are still found in London, where some properties sell for upwards of £10 million. Compare this with the situation in the North East, where some property sells for as little as £20,000.

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Although it is always good to have some insight into what is happening in the property market where you are looking, it is also useful to have an idea of what is happening in the property market in the UK overall, which can help whether you are buying or selling.

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