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Managing your work visitors successfully

Almost every business, no matter what sector it trades in, will have visitors. This means that businesses should have clear and easy-to-follow procedures for managing visitors, whether they are guests, interview candidates, contractors or delivery drivers.

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Identity checks

When a visitor first steps up to your reception desk, your policy should include asking for their name and establishing who they are there to see https://thereceptionist.com/write-great-visitor-policy-office/. This should be followed by a request to see some form of identification, ideally one that includes a photograph so that you can confirm they are who they say they are. Your reception should be in a position visible to everyone and the staff should have all the equipment needed to perform their job correctly so they don’t have to leave their desk. A very important part of the reception is seating including Operator Chairs which can be found with professional companies including https://www.bestbuy-officechairs.co.uk/office-chairs/operator-task-chairs/.

Verifying visits

Every person visiting your company should have a reason for being there; for example, they may be attending an interview or taking part in a meeting. Whatever the reason, they will have a contact name that should be checked before they are given a visitor badge and allowed to enter the building. No one should be allowed into your office unless they have been invited by a member of staff and this can be confirmed.

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Controlling access

Some companies are happy for visitors to enter the building and make their own way to a specific office or meeting room, while others may require guests to be met and escorted. Whichever option you choose, all guests should have a pass that clearly shows they are a visitor. This means they can be challenged if needed, such as if they are found in a restricted area.

Traditionally, many companies use paper-based sign-in books to manage their visitors. This can lead to problems when it comes to controlling access, as it means visitor passes are also paper-based and can be altered. Using an electronic system can solve this problem by recording the arrival of visitors, letting people know they have arrived, and printing out badges that can include photos of the guests.

Screen visitors

One final thing to consider, which will depend somewhat on your business, is security and whether you want to scan bags, laptops or packages prior to their being allowed into your building. If you feel that this is appropriate, it is important to make sure you put in place clear procedures for staff to follow should someone try to bring something unauthorised into your building.


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