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Make your Student Room Your Own

So, exams are over, you have studied hard and got into university! You have found somewhere to live such as this student accommodation Cheltenham https://www.yourperfectpad.com/ and now all you have to do is move in and start life’s next adventure.

If this is your first time away from home, you may be feeling a mix of nerves and excitement, but one thing you are definitely going to want to do is make your place your own. When it comes to decorating a student room, there are a few ideas that could help you out…

Lighting makes all the Difference – It may be a student room cliché, but fairy lights really can make your room so much more cosy warm and homely – and it is a cheap way to make it look pretty! As well as fairy lights, look for statement lamps that also serve as attention grabbing ornaments, lava lamps and unusual lampshades to make your room warm and inviting.

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Plants are perfect – Plants are another way for you to feel all cosy and homely, and they can brighten up your room, especially if you put them in some pretty pots. Make sure you learn about caring for them though, some are easier than others!

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Cover the Walls – Painting or wallpapering may not be allowed or necessary, but you can buy gorgeous wall tapestries to hang on walls. A noticeboard is also a great way to show your pictures off without sticking them on the wall, and a blackboard is a fun way to set reminders the non-digital way!

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