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Major benefits of plastic injection moulding

Injection moulding is big business, with the global injection moulded plastics market expected to exceed $300bn (£235bn) by 2025. The European market alone is predicted to generate over one-third of this.

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Thanks to technological and engineering advances, the latest injection moulding equipment uses 20 – 50 per cent less energy than ten years ago.

What are the key benefits of using plastic injection moulding?

1. Greater efficiency

The moulding process is very quick compared with other methods. This simplicity also enables more parts to be manufactured from a single mould. The associated high rate of output makes it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

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2. Enhanced strength

It is possible to use fillers in the plastic injection moulds. These reduce the density of the plastic and help to increase the strength of the part.

3. Detailed features and part complexity

Plastic injection moulds generate extreme high pressure during the moulding process. As a result, complex and intricate shapes can be manufactured at a lower cost than with other methods.

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4. Ability to use a mix of feedstock

It is sometimes a requirement to use different polymers in different areas of a part, with co-injection techniques making this possible. Controlling multiple feeds through computers means that different polymers can be added at specific times, resulting in a finished component that is a mix of polymers and is capable of dealing with various external forces. Adding cheaper fillers can further reduce the overall cost of the component.

5. Automation

The majority of the processes are performed by machines/robotics that can be controlled by a sole operator. Automation reduces manufacturing costs, including labour; furthermore, automation enables accurate and precise injection moulds. CAD and CAM also allow for close tolerances during the moulding process.

6. Fast processing

Time means money, especially in the manufacturing industry. Injection moulding combines speed and accuracy and can have a cycle time of just a few seconds. As the moulding tool is often a large steel or aluminium mass that is capable of water-cooling, the heat dissipation is rapid and helps with the fast cycle time.

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