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Local SEO: The Truth

You only have to do a quick search online and there are no end of pages claiming to give you the ‘truth’ about Local SEO. Of course, you will all know that there are no quick fixes to the SEO game. It is true, though, that what works for big, national businesses is often different to what works for local enterprises, and that there are a few rules of thumb that you can use to guide you along the way.

Local SEO

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So, if you are a local business looking to boost your search engine ranking, here are a few ideas you might like to take note of.

Get Active on Social Media

That includes Google+. We all know that Google+ is really, really bad as a social network. But guess what: Google likes it. So if your business is active on Google+ and has a good following of active users in relevant areas (that bit is important) then it will boost your rankings in the SEO stakes. Remember, though, that relevance here is all important: it’s not all about the numbers. There’s no value in a Northampton web designer having thousands of contacts on Google+ if there’s no interaction with them… or if they’re all in Scotland… or California. So stay active, stay relevant and it will help your SEO.

Claim Your Google Listing: It Really Can Help!

As we’ve said, there’s no one magic way to boost your SEO but it is true that the majority of the web still uses Google search – for now. Claiming your Google business listing will help you be more visible to them when they do. After all, if you are Northampton web designers http://www.easiserv.com/, you want your company listing to come up with the correct details when someone searches for “Northampton Web Design”, right? To do that, you need to claim your listing and get those details right.

Keep Everything Accurate and Current

We’ve all searched for a business online, found a website or phone number and only when we’ve gone to try it found that it’s no longer in use. Not only will it cost you customers, but it will harm your SEO. If your web address, email or phone number changes, update it. If you don’t, it will hurt your ranking.

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