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Keeping Hardwood Floors Looking New Forever

Whether you’ve had hardwood floors installed or simply sanded down and resurfaced the original ones, keeping them well maintained is important if you want them to stay looking just as good as they do now. Read on for our short guide to keeping hardwood floors looking new forever.

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Furniture Pads, Rugs and Runners

Furniture pads are a godsend when it comes to your Wood Flooring and will prevent all sorts of bumps, scratches or worse. Furniture with wheels rather than legs will ultimately do less damage, but this is not always the most practical (or attractive) choice. Buy plenty of furniture pads, as they tend to go missing, and put them under any furniture with legs, even short bun feet, and especially on items that have a heavy burden such a book shelves. Also invest in rugs or runners for high-traffic areas.

Have a Shoe-Free Policy

Not only are shoes highly unhygienic in the home, but they can also damage hardwood floors. Encourage visitors to remove their shoes when they come round, perhaps by having a selection of slippers for them to borrow by the door. Shoes can cause no end of scuffs and scratches, and if someone is walking around with heavy boots or high heels, it’s not long before these build up to become something unsightly. Similarly, pet claws should be regularly trimmed.

Clean with Vinegar – Avoid Water

Even if you have a waterproof finish on your Wood Flooring that you bought from sites like https://irwintiles.ie/, you should avoid having a large amount of water going on them at any time. Water will inevitably damage your hardwood floors over time, especially if we are talking about a weekly soppy mop or multiple spillages from clumsy children. Instead of constant mopping, keep them well swept and spot-clean them if necessary. Obviously, you will want to give them a wipe and polish from time to time, but use a mix of water and vinegar to give a good shine, and try to wring out your mop as much as possible before it goes down each time. Avoid cleaning products with lemon or citrus, which will damage the floor – this is true of both hardwood and engineered wood flooring.
These simple, low-cost tips will help keep your hardwood floors looking new forever.

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