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How to take your startup up a level with digital marketing

Launching a startup is both exhilarating and exhausting. There will be a never-ending ‘to do’ list and once you have crossed one task off, there will be several more to take its place.

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Whilst you deal with the finances, product management and recruitment, who is looking after your digital marketing?

By adopting a few simple techniques, you can smash your digital marketing goals and grow your customer base in no time. Here are some key techniques that will help you right now.

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Get your search engine optimisation (SEO) up to speed

According to the experts at the Search Engine Journal, there are plenty of very useful SEO tools that will help to identify issues with your site and maximise your SEO efforts.

When you contact a digital marketing agency Manchester experts such as https://htpdigital.com/ can work with you to make sure that your SEO strategy is delivering. They may decide to look at your needs and carry out some research into your competitors. They may also research the best keywords for you and weave them into your content and meta descriptions.

Investigate pay-per-click advertising

Some startups use pay-per-click advertising to buy advertising space on Google. You will be able to customise your ads and they will appear when your chosen search terms are entered by a web user. This means that the ads are targeted at the people who are most likely to buy your goods or services.

Help with content marketing

No startup business website can succeed without original and useful content. It helps SEO and attracts customers to your site. The content must answer a problem for your website visitors. It must be relevant and engaging if it is going to work. Large blocks of text are off-putting so break it up with bullet points. Pictures and videos always go down well.

The importance of social media marketing

Social media is a large part of most people’s lives these days and so you cannot afford to miss out on this marketing opportunity. You need a strong social media brand that customers can get behind. Choose the channel that best suits your potential customers. It may be Pinterest or it may be Facebook. Check out the analytics to see what is working best and focus your efforts on that.

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