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How to Spot Wasps in your Garden

The British summer would not be the same if we weren’t having to contend with wasps – whether they are hovering around kids ice lollies at the seaside or disturbing a family picnic, they are an unfortunate side effect of a sunny day. But it is even worse if you have a wasp nest on your property as this can increase the chances that you and your family may be stung by them, and make spending time in your garden a thoroughly miserable experience.

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Wasps like to build nests made from wood, which in early summer the queen wasp will star herself – she chew up wood such as fencing panels or garden sheds and mixes it with saliva to create a paste which she will then build her nest from. Garden sheds are a popular location for wasps to choose to build a nest, as they provide the wood as well as suitable shelter and a sturdy structure to support the nest.   If you have noticed a lot of wasp traffic coming in and out of the area around the shed it may worth calling in an expert such as this pest control Chelmsford based company https://www.stgeorgespestcontrolessex.co.uk/pest-control-essex-services/pest-control-chelmsford/  to come and remove it for you.

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What is worse than the nest being built in your garden? The nest being in your house of course – many people have experienced the horrors of wasps nesting in their homes – the attic is a popular choice but they also like bedroom cupboards and cellars, so keep an eye out to see if any are getting through any small holes in your property.

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