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How to make fabric Christmas Bags

Want to do your bit for the environment? Then why not think about using less Christmas paper this year and instead, make re-usable fabric gift bags. They are so much easier than they sound and involve virtually no sewing at all. You can place almost anything inside them from jewellery, toys and even Plus Size Dresses like the ones you can see at  https://www.tempted.ie/plus-size-dress-tempted-raheny-dublin-ireland/plus-size-clothing-tempted-raheny-dublin-ireland.html, you will want to make sure that you fold them nicely and wrap in tissue paper. Here are some instructions on how to make your very own Christmas gift bags:

Bag 1 – Very Easy

  • You’ll need to adjust the measurements of your fabric depending on the size of the gift but cutting a rectangle of fabric 15” by 8”, you’ll have a bag big enough for a small gift the size of a pack of cards.
  • Fold in half, ensuring that the right sides are together.
  • Sew down one side and across the bottom.
  • If you have pinking shears use these on the seams and across the top. If you don’t then just leave the edges raw.
  • Cut a strip in the same or different pattern to use as the tie for your bag. It’s that easy.

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Bag 2 – Still Easy but a little more demanding:

  • Cut 2 pieces of fabric the same size depending on the size of your gift. Cut a piece of pretty ribbon, long enough to tie it in a bow.
  • Fold the ribbon in half, placing the right sides together and then place the 2 fabric pieces together, right side joining.
  • Put the folded edge of the ribbon between the 2 fabric pieces, lining up the folded edge of the ribbon and the side seam, roughly 3″ from the top.
  • Sew the side seam and the other side seam, then across the bottom. Tuck away into the bag so it doesn’t get caught in the other seams.
  • Use a zig zag stitch for a neater look and hem the top edge.
  • Turn the right side out and tie the bow.

Bag 3 – Follow these instructions for a no-sew Christmas bag option:

You’ll need:

5” fabric squares

Peel and Stick Fabric Fuse Sheets & Velcro Ovals


Your choice of embellishment and decoration

  • Each bag will use 2 of the fabric squares
  • Cut three strips of the sticky fabric fuse, about a ¼” inch wide
  • Peel of the paper liner and put the strips along the bottom and sides of the back of each fabric square
  • Rub hard to ensure a good stick, paying attention to the edges
  • Peel off the paper
  • Position the second fabric square on top of the fabric fuse, pressing down firmly with the front of the fabric facing you
  • Stick on the oval Velcro by peeling off the back and positioning where you want it on the bag
  • Glue on any embellishments such as bows, tassels or gift labels and you’re ready for using them to give thoughtful, unique gifts to family and friends

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