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How to build great chemistry in your hockey team

Team chemistry is the thing which sets the great teams apart from the rest. Success depends upon achieving a solid team foundation, and there are limitless possibilities for a unified team.

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Eleven players working together is worth far more than skilled individuals working alone – http://www.forbes.com/2010/08/05/teams-teamwork-individuals-leadership-managing-collaboration.html.

Team goals

Creating a common goal is one way that team unity can be fostered. Have discussions about what everyone hopes to accomplish and use this to devise a plan for one ultimate common goal. Then work together to achieve it. A shared consciousness is created, despite individual differences.

Team rivals

Boost energy by creating a rival. This will help motivate players into giving their very best, both during practice and in games themselves. It will encourage players to work together to beat that rival, elevating the standard of play significantly.

Break up clicks

While friendships are extremely beneficial for teams, clicks have the opposite effect. If a few players bond strongly, but others are excluded from the group, a division is created. Eradicating clicks is important. Do this by exposing all players to each other. Continuously swap training partners, encourage each team member to be involved and speak up, work out team plans as a group and ensure every voice is heard. Players will quickly learn how to work together, adapting playing styles and behaviours to play more fluidly on the field.

Social events

It is just as important to build friendships off the field as it is on it. Organise some alternative team building events and social gatherings and maybe travel together with services like a Dorset Coach Hire company with services like https://turnerscoaches.co.uk.  Practice somewhere different, such as at the beach or in a park, have a meal together or take part in another type of competitive event, like bowling, laser quest or paint balling.

Dynamic stretching

Dynamic or calisthenic stretching is another great way to improve team discipline. Use it as part of the daily warm up, and the rhythmic movements will help players to synchronise their movements, increasing a sense of unity and togetherness. Calisthenic stretching is now considered to actually be more effective than more traditional static stretching styles.


Above all else, players need to be having fun. A positive attitude, even when losing, is essential to help players remain united and overcome the obstacles to eventual success.

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