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How to be a dream tenant

It is important to be a good tenant in order to get on well with the property owner. The landlady or landlord is the person who will give you a reference for your next rental property, so getting along with them is paramount. It will also make your rental life easier if you have a good relationship with them. Read on for pointers on how to be a dream tenant.

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Prepare for the viewing

When you go to view a property as a potential renter, it is important to make a good impression. Dress smartly and make a point of looking interested in what the landlady or landlord has to say. They want to rent their property to a respectable, hard-working person, so make sure you look the part and pay attention!

Check your credit score

Make sure you have a good credit score before house hunting for your next rental property. You might find there is a credit score assessment in order to rent a home, so if yours is top-notch, you are more likely to get the rental. It is easy to check your credit score for free online using tools that offer 30-day money-back guarantees.

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Get serious

You should be prepared to rent any place you are considering. Come prepared to rent the property; otherwise, there is no point looking. It could be a good idea to being along proof of income and copies of your ID. You can also bring pen and paper to take notes and some cash in case you want to put down an immediate deposit or partial payment.

Wherever you are looking to rent a home, you can often find suitable properties from a property management company. Companies that are experts in Property Management in Dublin, such as clients1st.ie, as well as other cities, can offer useful advice to renters.

Don’t bring your friends

You should go alone or bring someone else who is renting with you. One other person for moral support or safety considerations is acceptable, but don’t bring along a whole party! The owner of the property might assume the people who are with you want to move in soon, too, so this could work against you. I you take young children with you, make sure they are well-behaved in the house.

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