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How Great Web Design Influences Conversions

There’s more to great web design than making it look pleasing on the eye. Tip-top web design is also about securing the required call to action and converting audiences. Here’s how great web design racks up those all-important conversions.

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First Impressions Count

You have just a matter of seconds to make a favourable impression with your website, so there’s absolutely no room for error allowed. Your website must be well designed to capture the attention of your audience in an instant and keep them glued to your pages.

The Right Aesthetics

Careful attention to the aesthetics of your site does more than just make it look nice. According to Entrepreneur, colours and visuals influence purchase decisions, affect emotions and boost brand recognition. Make sure you employ the right visual elements that reflect your business, play on the emotions of your audience and convert them into loyal customers.

Easy to Use and Navigate

If you want to reap conversions from your website, it must have easy usability and a logical navigation structure. Users will want to get to the information they need as easily and clearly as possible. It must be obvious what the desired call to action is on your site, so consistency is important throughout.

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If you have different audiences or target groups, individual navigation paths may be required to direct each user through the site. To achieve this successfully, expert help, such as that from a web design agency in Leicester like https://www.freshwebservices.com/web-design-leicester, is recommended.

Easy to Read

Great web design that encourages conversions should also focus on content that is easy to read. The use of appropriate fonts, headings, subheadings and bullet points can help in this matter. Keeping the design clean and simple, without cramming in too many styles or too much information, can make it easier on the eye. Bear in mind that some users are short on time, so they will skim content to find what they’re searching for. ‘Skim-ability’ is, therefore, essential to speed up the journey to a conversion.

Fast-Loading Design

It’s not just finding content quickly that appeals to people when they visit a website. They don’t want to be bogged down by pages that are slow to load. Great web design will ensure that you can provide audiences will the information they need without it dragging load speeds down.

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