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How commercial glass is made

We take glass for granted. We use and rely on it every day, because it is used in the manufacture of a large number of items and equipment. Often, we do not give glass a lot of consideration. There are also many different types of glass. There are a wide variety produced which possess unique properties and qualities for different purposes. One of the most common glass types is that used for commercial purposes:

Commercial Glass

This is the most ordinary kind of glass that we see every day, from bottles and drinking glasses to our windows at home and work. The main ingredient of almost all commercial glass is sand. This glass is usually colourless, so it transmits a lot of light, which is why it is used mainly for window manufacture. Does this make you think of replacing your own worn out windows? For Glass Suppliers Bromsgrove, visit a site like https://romanglass.co.uk/glaziers-near-me/glaziers-bromsgrove/

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To get a different coloured glass, additional chemicals need to be added into the manufacturing process. Other glass colours that can be made include brown, green and blue. Weighing raw materials, mixing and consistency are essential in the process of making glass.

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Most of the new glass that is produced comes from recycled glass bottles brought to the recycling bank or collected on the roadside. Recycled glass is called ‘cullet’ and its uses have many environmental benefits such as less excavation. Glass also has a low melting point which saves energy and reduces emissions.

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