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Hold your very own Mad Hatters Tea Party

Are you stuck for a perfect, yet unusual birthday party idea, that won’t break the bank? When it comes to children’s parties, it seems that there can sometimes be a competitive element between kids and parents, all wanting to hold the best party for their kids’ big day. This can place a lot of pressure on both parents and children, when really a birthday party is all about having fun and celebrating with family and friends. But if you are worrying about this, then look no further… take a trip down the rabbit hole and into the world of the mad hatters’ tea party…

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Still as popular today as when Lewis Carroll first wrote these great stories, about Alice and her adventures in Wonderland, even Hollywood has been taken in to the weird and wonderful world. Children of all ages (and adults that grew up with the books) will adore an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party and with a bit of preparation, it won’t cost a lot, but will be sure to be remembered for years to come.

Send out invitations with from the white rabbit – remember to add that you mustn’t be late! For the tea party, you can be as bonkers as you like! Set the table with teapots and pretty little cups and saucers (you can probably get these from a charity shop or car boot sale for next to nothing) and even better if they don’t all match! String fairy lights around the table for that enchanted wonderland feel. For the tea party itself, you could encourage the children to make their own sandwiches – put the ingredients out on plates and they can make their own crazy combinations! Of course it wouldn’t be a tea party without cakes, and you can get the children to decorate these as well – special additions like sugar flowers, and the queen of hearts raspberry food flavouring from http://www.foodieflavours.com/shop/flavours/natural-flavouring/raspberry/ will go down a treat with everyone.

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After that, set up some games for everyone to enjoy – the Queen of hearts loves a game of croquet on the lawn, and if it isn’t quite croquet weather, how about a game of cards or hide and seek with the Cheshire cat? Serve up some eccentric mocktails – using different food colourings to make the drinks look like they have come straight out of Wonderland itself!

Of course, these are only a few ideas – there is plenty more that you can do and add to it yourself as you like, but hopefully this has given you a great idea for the next birthday party and is a reminder that a little imagination can go a long way!

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