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History of the Aran Sweater

The Aran Sweater is one of the most popular styles of men’s winter jackets. The Aran sweater is a very traditional style of winter jacket that carries its name from the Aran islands off the west side of Ireland. A typical Aran sweater is white in color, with several cable designs on the front and shoulders. The Aran islands were named after the Irish traveler and traveller, Michael Aran, who explored them in the 18th Century. Aran Sweaters like the ones from Shamrock Gift are also named after the Aran family that made and supplied these clothing items to the first settlers of what would become Galway in Ireland.

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Each piece of clothing from this family was named after the clothing item of the person who manufactured it. This is why you will find Irish wool sweaters made by the Aran clan and the name refers to the sweater that is made by this family every year in Galway. The fibers used to make these sweaters were originally created from the wool of the area tree but these days they are often made from other fabrics. Some people prefer the Irish wool sweaters to the rest and this comes from how the fibers hold their shape and how well they dry in hot climates. They are also durable and this is why many people prefer them over anything else.

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People who enjoy knitting and other types of handcrafts have a preference for the Irish wool sweaters because they are extremely durable. Many of the stitches used to create these sweaters are completely flat stitches, which make it extremely easy for the craftsman to work with and to create something that looks great. The designs that can be found on these products are ones that come from all kinds of traditional designs that have been woven into the fabric of these items. Because of this, these Irish sweaters are able to remain timeless and this is exactly what many people want when it comes to knitters who like to keep certain things as timeless as possible.

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