Haunted Pubs –  where you will find more than the spirits in the bottles

Haunted Pubs – where you will find more than the spirits in the bottles

In Britain, many pubs are very old, and have a rich history tied up in local folklore going back for generations. Beautiful houses and buildings that have been standing for a long time often come with their fair share of ghost stories – so what pubs in Britain are considered to contain a ghost or two?

The Morpeth Arms – Westminster London –  Most people think the scariest things that lurk in Westminster are the politicians, but this old pub is hiding some grizzly secrets of its own. Underneath the pub, is a network of tunnels and cells, used to hold slaves before transporting them around the world. Living in appalling conditions, disease broke out killing many. It is reported that a ghost who haunts this place, was a doomed slave who committed suicide before he could be transported to the other side of the world. Many people report of a force which roams the bar, moving objects and knocking drinks from people’s hands.

The Grenadier Pub – Wilton Row, London – This picturesque old pub is perhaps one of the most famous of London’s many haunted buildings. Once, this building used to be the Duke of Wellingtons officers mess for himself and his Grenadier guards. During this time, a young soldier playing a game of cards, was caught cheating. He was so badly beaten that he died from his injuries, and it is his spirit that is said to be the cause of the paranormal activity that goes on in the pub. There are many reports of a misty figure drifting around, things being moved and chairs moving on their own and footsteps on floorboards. A film crew have also caught on camera the face of a soldier looking out from one of the windows.

Haunted Pubs - where you will find more than the spirits in the bottles

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The Banshee Labyrinth – Edinburgh – This was once a network of underground vaults, which were home to some of the nastiest characters in the area. It has now been refurbished – http://reliable-remodeler.com/ is a great site to check out if you are planning updates to your own home (or underground cavern!). The most famous of the underground unsavouries is known as the banshee – there is a tale that a builder working on the building heard a blood curdling scream from within the building. Just after this happened, the man received a phone call to inform him that there had been a tragedy in the family. Many people who come here for a drink, often find that their glass is picked up and hurled against the wall by an invisible force!

The Snickleway Inn – York – One of York’s oldest drinking establishments, this place is home to a selection of ghosts. Mrs Tulliver and her cat are said to roam the halls, and people have reported that the cat can often be felt rubbing against their leg. It is also haunted by a young girl who was thought to once have lived in the pub. She was tragically killed when she ran into the road one night. Witnesses have described the her as she has been seen sitting on the stairs.

Haunted Pubs - where you will find more than the spirits in the bottles2

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