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Five steps to speaking with confidence

Giving a presentation or speech to a large or small audience can be nerve-racking; fortunately, we are here with five steps to ensure your next speech is both effective and informative.

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1. Research and prepare

Take the audience into consideration. Is the information and tone of the speech appropriate for your audience? Think about what the outcome of the speech should be and learn as much as you can about the subject.

2. Overcome your fear

There are a lot of people who hate speaking in public. We worry about how we come across to other people, turning the focus inwards on ourselves. Speaking and imparting information during a speech can change the way an audience member thinks. It is all about them, so set out with the intention of helping the audience rather than trying to make them like you.

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3. Writing your speech

Every speech from a motivational speaker should have a logical flow and be clear in its message, with the entire speech aimed at the goal you want your audience to walk away with. An audience that does not understand your message means you have delivered a poor speech. For a great public speaker at your next event, check out professionals such as https://www.adventureman.org/motivational-speaker/.

The best thing to start with in any speech is a hard-hitting fact or a news headline. Get your audience’s attention, making them sit up and take notice of what you have to say.

5. Non-verbal communication

Without saying a word, an audience should get a feel for how confident and enthusiastic you are about your chosen subject. Use your speech to help the audience understand the message further. Making eye contact may seem like a scary part of the public speaking process, but making it seem as if you are having a normal conversation with an audience delivers a much more authentic speech. You can also use hand gestures to make the point clearer.

6. Practise

A prepared speaker is a good speaker. If you don’t practise your speech, you won’t have a recovery plan when things go wrong, which they inevitably will. Put a plan of action in place in case you have a slip. Take control of the speech and practise it so that you don’t lose your footing.

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