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Five more great ways to wear leopard print

Leopard print is timeless. Whether it is your favourite pair of shoes, your most glamorous coat or that killer dress, everything looks good in leopard print.

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The joy of leopard print is that it can be dressed up or dressed down and goes brilliantly with both black and primary colours. It can be worn with maxi dresses, jeans, miniskirts or shorts, or on its own as a dress or jumpsuit. This versatile, classic design can bring femininity and style to any look.


Leopard print speaks volumes about the women who wear it. Forget the images associated with busty bar staff; today, a woman in leopard print is seen as strong, confident and independent.

Anybody and everybody can wear leopard print and look sophisticated and stylish. If you want a classic look, wear it with slicked-back hair, bright red lipstick and black heels. If you prefer something a bit more casual, wear it with a loose natural hairstyle, a white top and casual shoes or trainers.

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If you want to get noticed, try wearing leopard print with a biker jacket and black boots. If it is good enough for royalty, including The Queen, The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duchess of Sussex, it is good enough for you!

The look

Real fur is no longer the sought-after item it once was and is rapidly going out of fashion. This change has seen faux fur become increasingly more desirable and much more affordable. Worn with a plain dress or trousers, a faux fur jacket will instantly transform your look from plain to fabulous.


For real leopard print fans, add that little bit of extra glamour and look for accessories that complement your outfit. If you want the perfect look for this summer, a solid colour maxi dress from a store such as https://www.axparis.com/collections/maxi-dresses worn with a leopard print bag and shoes provides the perfect look for the season.

Dress it up

If you work in an industry in which smart dress is required or you like wearing tailored suits and trousers, getting a leopard print blouse to wear can give you a modern, feminine and professional look. Don’t forget to jazz it up with the chunky dress jewellery or large hooped earrings that are all the rage!

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