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Five digital design trends for 2018

The digital world never stops expanding and evolving. Technologies that seemed new and innovative just a few years ago now seem dated and old – just look at early mobile phone designs as one example. A constant updating of technologies and trends also governs the world of web design.

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According to a report by The Next Web, over 3.8 billion people around the world now access the internet, which represents more than half the global population. This means there is a huge potential audience for your website, but it also means you have lots of competition and your website needs to stand out for all the right reasons. With this in mind, here are the top design trends you need to be aware of for the coming months.

1 Page layout

The hottest new trend is to split web page content into vertical columns, which is a drastic change from the current horizontal block model. This is a move that offers business owners the chance to be more creative in their presentation of online content by altering the traditional hierarchy of content presentation.

2 Fonts

The Adobe Open Type range of fonts provides web designers with a unique opportunity to create completely bespoke styles of fonts for their clients, inspired by the new generation of fonts that have been created for well-known companies including YouTube and IBM.

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3 An end to minimalism

Minimalism is so last year! This year maximalism is set to be the new buzzword. Creating carefully orchestrated chaos as an aspect of web design takes a great deal of skill, so select your web design team with care. An established website design company in Gloucester, such as https://www.net9design.com/, will offer many years of experience in the industry. It takes a great deal of skill and knowledge to create a modern website that offers functionality at its core.

4 Colour

Pantone has announced that Ultra Violet is its chosen colour for 2018. You can expect to see this appearing on websites everywhere in the coming months, probably combined with duo tones.

5 Innovative images

Stock images have had their day. This year, designers are creating completely bespoke graphics, utilising GIFs and animations to get a website’s core message across efficiently. Intricate illustrations and well-thought out graphics add extra value.

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