Festival Frenzy

Here in the UK, we love our festivals. The summers are packed with endless musical events spread out over the green fields of the land and regardless of the weather, we bask in sunshine or wallow in mud! Mostly the wallowing. Maybe it’s a modern evolution of the traditional village fayre that we hold so dear, that summer means we must listen to live music whilst camping and queueing for a portaloo! In this era of digital everything, live music festivals offer the one remaining channel of human connection and interaction between a performer and the audience. Maybe this is why we flock to so many outdoor events?

It doesn’t need to be live music as food festivals are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the success of TV chefs and programmes like the Great British Bake Off. Art festivals, Literary Festivals and Film Festivals are other examples of huge get togethers of like-minded people. So, how do you fancy getting in on the act and staging your own festival to add to the more than 500 that already take place around the country every year?

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First you need to find the ideal site, of the right size and shape and with enough room between stages so noise overspill doesn’t annoy your guests. Your back garden, no matter how lovely and big is not going to cut it. Remember you’ll also need space for parking and good accessibility for emergency services and security.

Security is very important as you want to stop people getting in for nothing. You’ll also want to stop any criminal types from entering and spoiling the party by selling drugs for example! If you’re offering camping then keep the area well-lit, well-fenced and regularly patrolled. Most events are expected to provide some form of first aid or medical standby capability. For Event Medical Cover, visit https://www.outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/

Of course, you’ll need to book some performers. Now, in the early days, it’s probably a safe bet that you won’t be bagging the likes of the Foo Fighters or Ed Sheeran but it’s a great opportunity to show case some fresh local talent. People also like to make new discoveries at festivals so it’s as much about finding new music as it is seeing the recognised names you love. You won’t be able to charge the big bucks for your tickets just yet using your event as a platform for local artists to be heard should be all the rosy glow you need.

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Don’t forget the toilets. You must allow sufficient funds in your budget to provide adequate facilities for your visitors or things could go downhill very quickly! The facilities must be well-lit, well-maintained, clean and safe at the very least. Toilets are not an optional extra so don’t charge your customers for toilet roll! If you don’t want to get in trouble with the local council for running at over capacity, then keep those toilet queues to a minimum and order in plenty of portaloos!