Facts about Marble

Facts about Marble

Marble is a natural stone that has amazed people with mesmerizing beauty and unique qualities since the beginning of the world. When cut and polished, stone of this uniqueness can be used for a variety of things: floor and wall tiles, mosaics, columns, stairs, ornamental stone, furniture, statues and headstones. For Marble Headstones, visit a site like Marble Headstones by Abbey Memorials

Interesting facts about the origin and name of marble

Most probably everyone knows that marble is a metamorphic rock but here are some more fascinating facts about its origins:

It takes hundreds of years for marble to form and is found among the oldest parts of the earth’s crust.

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Marble begins its journey as limestone or dolomite when excess heat and pressure turn it into a denser, tougher and more brightly coloured stone.

Some key components of marble are calcite, dolomite and aragonite crystals.

Marble is usually found among other metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and mica.

In ancient times, people were able to tell where marble came from just looking at the colour and many varieties of marble still bear the historical name of its original location.

Unexpected uses for marble

We know that marble can be used for various purposes and as an interior or exterior material. We often see it in the bathroom, kitchen, admire it in buildings and statues made of it but there are also other amazing marble creations that will probably never have crossed your mind. Here are a few:

Carrara marble is used for the iPhone 7 and Notebook case.

There are companies that frames for eye glasses from marble.

A finely ground marble powder is used as a component in paper, plastics, some paints and even toothpaste

Marble powder is also used in medicine as a neutralizing acid and is found in products used to treat acid indigestion. Marble powder is also given to dairy cows and chickens as a source of calcium.

Ground up marble powder can also be used in cleaners as a gentle abrasive for scrubbing bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

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Famous buildings made of marble

There are many famous buildings and constructions made of marble both ancient and modern. Here is a list of just three examples:

Famous Taj Mahal made entirely of white marble

Michelangelo chose pure white marble for the statue as it is translucent and light with light able to penetrate up to 1 inch deep into the surface before it is reflected. This makes his statutes from the looks almost alive.

530,000 cubic feet of marble was used for the construction of the New York Public Library, which was completed in 1911. The stone was used for the floors and to cover the exterior walls. Employees are required to wear rubber-soled shoes so as not to scratch the rock.