Everything you need to know about room thermostats

Everything you need to know about room thermostats

Room thermostats are ideal to help you maintain a chosen temperature in your home, even when you are out. By monitoring the temperature and turning your heating on and off accordingly throughout the day, a room thermostat can ensure your home never gets too hot or cold. It can even save you money on your heating bills!

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How does a room thermostat work?

Once you have set the desired temperature, a room thermostat will monitor the room and be ready to kick into action when it detects any changes. If the temperature drops below a certain level, sensors in the thermostat will send a signal to your boiler to heat the radiators in your home. Conversely, if your home becomes too warm, the thermostat will ensure that your central heating system switches off until the desired temperature is reached again.

The result is that a constant temperature is maintained and you no longer need to pay for unnecessary heating.

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Where should I place a room thermostat?

It is important to place a thermostat somewhere it can accurately read the temperature of your home. Placing it near other heat sources, such as a radiator, oven or direct sunlight, could trick it into thinking your home is warmer than it really is, causing it to switch off your heating when other rooms are cooler than you would like.

A good place is about 1.5m off the floor in a room that you use often and that has a radiator.

Can I programme my thermostat?

A programmable room thermostat allows you to set different temperatures for your home at different times of the day; for example, you may choose to have it cooler while you are out at work compared with when you are back home.

Similarly, thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) can be fitted to each radiator, giving you control over individual rooms in your home.

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When making any changes to your gas central heating system, remember to always use a Gas Safe registered engineer.

With energy bills on the rise, controlling how you heat your home can save money and help the environment. Room thermostats offer a simple, affordable solution.