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Essential Toolbox Items for Every Home

Whatever skill level you’re at, every toolbox should have some essential equipment to guarantee any project can be undertaken with speed and ease. Here are some items you should definitely own, and if not, find at an Online DIY Store like https://www.gofixdirect.co.uk/

Duct Tape – Most people wouldn’t consider this a tool but as it’s been used to fix a particle accelerator and equipment repairs on the moon – duct tape is pretty awesome. It’s cheap, indispensable and almost indestructible, so your toolbox definitely needs some. It was first used during the Second World War to seal ammunition cases and these days it’s available in many widths and colours.

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Hammer – No self-respecting garage or workshop is complete without a hammer. Hammers come in all shapes and sizes, and you can now get anti-vibration and magnetized hammers! This works brilliantly for beginning to hammer a nail without bashing your fingers in the process. A smooth face on your hammer is good for not leaving marks and a textured face is great for nails.

Crowbar – Contrary to what you see on TV, a crowbar doesn’t have a split point at one end and a shepherd’s hook at the other –  it finishes with a flat edge. The more dramatic version is actually a Wrecking bar.  Either tool is a useful thing to have in your workshop or garage, especially for pulling nails out of wood or releasing boards.

Pliers – Where would we be without pliers? There is no other tool as useful at gripping things firmly for turning or bending. Even someone with no intention of doing diy should have some in a drawer somewhere. Common varieties include those for gripping wire, flat-nosed pliers for small objects, locking plier and special versions for plumbing.

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Screwdriver – Another invaluable toolbox item, when shopping for a screwdriver, you’ll want to consider both the tip and the grip. Having a couple of varieties is a good idea, the extremely handy Phillips-head and a flathead screwdriver. A Phillips features a cross-shaped metal tip that fits the most common type of screws you’ll encounter. Flatheads are needed to fit those screws that with a single line across the head. They are also great for scraping and plying thanks to their wedge head. Look for screwdrivers with comfortable cushioned handles for extra grip when dealing with tight screws.

Level – An essential tool for whenever you need to hang a picture, position a post or any other activity that requires a straight and level edge. The clever vial of liquid lets you know when you’ve attained a horizontal plane with an air bubble that settles between two lines.

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