Epic Tank Battles

Epic Tank Battles

The tank was first used in battles by the French and English during World War One and is still a powerful and adaptable weapon used today by military across the world. One of the most impressive use of tanks took place at the Battle of the Bulge during WWII when over 3000 tanks took part. Imagine the noise and devastation that many tanks would create! Let’s take a look at some other epic tank battles:

Battle of Raseinai, June 1941 – this battle saw almost the entire Soviet units destroyed. Even though there were 749 Soviet tanks and only 245 German tanks, the Soviets were outmaneuvered and the Germans used the Luftwaffe to great assistance giving them much confidence to continue their invasion of Russia.

The Battle of Brody, June 1941 – this has been called the largest tank battle up to this date and involved 800 Axis tanks lined up against 2,500 Russian tanks. This was an epic battle and the Soviet T-34 tanks were almost indestructible. Again the Luftwaffe took out many Soviet tanks and when their supply chain dried up, the Germans took the upper hand.

Epic Tank Battles

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Operation Goodwood, July 1944 – this was a British attack on German forces in France and over 1,100 British tanks were in action against 377 German ones. Although not a conclusive victory for the British as the Germans made a breakthrough for the city of Caen, it showed the enemy that our tanks were a force to be reckoned with. If you think you’ve got what it takes to drive one of these beasts then why not try a Tank Driving Day experience.

Battle of 73 Easting, February 1991 – this was a decisive win for British and American forces during Operation Desert Storm in Iraq. Iraqi forces were totally overwhelmed and the 18th mechanized brigade of the Iraqi army was totally destroyed as they lost over 160 tanks in the onslaught.

Battle of Prokhorovka (part of the Battle of Kursk), July 1943 – this has been called the biggest tank battle in military history and saw about 850 Russian tanks go up against approx 300 German ones. The tide was beginning to turn against the Germans and the Soviets claimed victory although it was not immediately clear as so many had been killed or wounded.

Battle of the Valley of Tears, October 1973 – a battle fought during the Yom Kippur War between Israel and an Arab coalition involving Egypt and Syria. After the Arabs broke a ceasefire that had been in place for six years, they entered the Valley with around 1,260 tanks against 100 Israeli tanks. However, the Israelis were able to secure the area with the use of their superior air force and threat of nuclear action.