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Eight tips when viewing a property

When touring properties as a house buyer, you need to focus carefully on what is important. Here we give some useful tips on what to ask.

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1 Look closely at all the marketing material supplied by your estate agent. You will, of course, look at the photos, but also check out the floor plans to make sure the layout is suitable.

2 Investigate the neighbourhood. You can view online maps and street views and plans without actually going to the area.

3 Find out from your estate agent how many viewings a property has had, whether there have been any offers, and the length of time it has been on the market.

4 Tone down your excitement to ask some serious questions. Find out the age of the boiler, what sort it is (back boiler, gas combi, oil fired, etc.), whether it has been serviced and the running costs. In addition, establish when the electrics were put in, and examine the windows.

Did the property require planning permission for any extension, and was it granted? Is the building regulation certificate to hand? All of this information could save you hassle later on.

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5 When you have deliberated about the information given by the estate agent, give them honest feedback.

6 Next you may want to make an offer. Make sure you ask the agent for advice. Too low and you run the risk of insulting the vendor, while even an asking price offer may not be accepted if there is a lot of competition. Be clear about your position and make sure you can prove that you have funds or a mortgage agreement.

Which? has a checklist for buyers at https://www.which.co.uk/money/mortgages-and-property/first-time-buyers/buying-a-home/house-viewing-checklist-a7bts1w28y3d.

7 Don’t forget the basics. Examine every angle of the property and try to imagine yourself living there. If you have any questions, ask the agent because they will want to fix any issues that may arise.

8 Take photos to remind yourself of what the property looks like (check with the seller). High-quality pictures will also be available from the agent as handouts or online.

The recipe for success

With this advice, you will be well placed to make good decisions about finding your perfect home.

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